Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thing 8 - Wordle

I LOVE Wordle.  I have already used this with my class when they did their Famous American Project.  They copied their report into Wordle and ended up with an awesome addition to their learning station.  I could also see students putting in their papers to work on their word choice. 

For my example I entered my flipped classroom blog & put in my url.  What came out is this:

Thing 8 Gliffy

I created a gliffy on a redesign of our school webpage.  I think I could use this with students if they were going to try designing buildings, or using geometry.  Although I think google sketch-up is easier for kids to use.  I might also use it for writing brainstorming.  Below is a screenshot of my gliffy.

I'd like to see more links to teacher resources that they want parents to know more about...including their classroom websites.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

KHPS Thing 6 (voice creator)

I used voki for my voice creator.  I recorded a quick reminder to students to do their homework.  Then I posted it onto my class edmodo site.  They thought it was hilarious :)

Voki on weekend homework

KHPS Thing 6 (UDL)

While I did create a learnport account, I found the UDL site more user friendly.  I selected math & toyed around with some different sites.  The one I looked at most was about thinking blocks.  From what I understand, the idea of thinking blocks corresponds with Singapore Math, not Math Expressions.  I think at this point it might confuse the students.

KHPS Thing 6 (Differentiated Learners)

After looking at the CAST website on UDL, I found that I am doing multiple parts of differentiation.  I post my objectives everyday, which seems to correspond with the "highlight critical features" example.  I also try to find multiple reading level books for the students.

An area I feel that I could do more of is giving the students multiple ways to show their knowledge.  I feel that, to some degree, we are somewhat limited with our technology (at least at our building).  We don't have access to wifi, which limits our ability to use the technology we have.  We also have very slow computers, which makes using what we do have frustrating for teachers and students.

KHPS - Thing 6 (Diverse Learning)

I reviewed the "audio text" section of the Using Technology to Support Diverse Learners page.  I reviewed the "digital text" section in hopes of finding some good research tools.  I found a few search engines that I hadn't otherwise known about.  One that I intend to use with my students is kidsclick.  Kidsclick is very user friendly, and uses sites that have already been checked for accuracy.  It has several ways to search, which makes it very easy to use.

I also looked around on the "audio" section in hopes of finding some good resources for a student who is about to enter my classroom.  She speaks almost no English, and no one in our school speaks Korean (her primary language).  I intend to use some of the speaking features on the computer to help us communicate.  One feature I intend to use is google translate.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

KHPS - Thing 5

Both lessons I would use from Thinkfinity include student interactive resources from Read Write Think.  The first is a persuasive writing map that helps students plan out a persuasive writing essay.  I actually use this already this year, and it really helped the students organize their thoughts.

Persuasive Writing Map

The second student interactive that I would use is a business letter/friendly letter maker.  This program guides you through all the steps in a business letter, and even allows you to print when you're done.  Business letters are so specific that this interactive allows students to easily abide by the correct format.

Business Letter/Friendly Letter Format